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Garage doors are important not only for the safety of your vehicle inside garage, but also for the people living inside the house. As safety is one of our primary concern, you need to maintain these doors and keep a regular check on wear and tear. Similar to any other machine parts, those of a garage door are also subject to abrasion over a period of time. For instance, rollers are exhausted soon as they come into frequent use of rolling the door up and down. If there are issues with the rollers, it may cause severe accidents. Problems with any parts of a garage door might lead to garage door malfunction. We, therefore, advise you to replace those faulty parts as soon as possible and recommend the use of professional garage door repair services located in Clermont, Florida.

Garage door springs are an important component for the movement of garage doors and any malfunction in the springs would prevent the garage door from opening and closing in a proper way. Having said that, spring repair is a delicate but dangerous job and therefore, you should not try to do it on your own. As the springs are very old, they can break during the time of repair and also it require right tools. It is recommended to call our experts for all the repair or replacement services to avoid from any injury. Before replacing your door springs, you must know their types and the primary differences between them.

Garage door torsion spring

These springs are less exhaustive, long-lasting, and safer and are expensive too. They help to lift the door upwards while you click the remote. They store and release the energy required to open and close the door. Torsion springs are of two type’s standard torsion springs, generally used in residential garage doors whereas the steel torsion springs are used in roller garage doors. It is advised to repair or replace the broken torsion spring as it may cause a problem to your door or your vehicle.

Garage door extension springs

Extension springs require more parts compared to torsion springs. Broken extension spring is dangerous and may explode. It can cause a serious damage if broken and a major threat to your family members or commercial business people.

We offer you with the best quality springs of extension and torsion springs. Our technicians are certified in the garage door spring repair process and are well trained in fixing Wayne-Dalton spring system.

Spring Replacement: Everything You Need To Know

We provide you the high-quality torsion spring replacement or heavy duty spring for garage door replacement with the garage door springs lifetime warranty. Garage door torsion spring repair cost or any other kind of repair of door springs is not very high. Cost for hiring our professional expert is affordable with top notch services. The cost of replacement of different kinds of springs varies accordingly with a number of factors. There are various offers you may opt for lowering the repair cost. Prices vary to the kind of spring broken. If you want to know more about the repair price you should call our customer support and they can tell you the accurate price listing of different door parts.

If you want your garage door to work properly, order your springs from a reputed company such as ours, as we offer lifetime warranty for garage door springs.

We Are Always Ready To Help You

Our customers are important for us. We love to help them and solving out their problems. You need not wait during any emergency until business hours. We are always available 24 hours and 7 days, even during the weekends or public holidays without paying any extra cost. Our technicians are well trained and are perfect in all kinds of job regarding garage door services, no matter when your door stops working. Gathering the correct tools for the repair is important for the process to continue. Your door repair expert brings the key and inspects the broken springs of your door. According to the requirements and specifications, the replacement procedure proceeds. We also provide you other services such as same day new garage door installation, replacement and repair of your garage door and torsion spring replacement for a garage door. You may avail the benefit of all these services in lower and affordable prices. Cost varies in the repair of different kinds of springs.

Our Service is Just a Call Away

Customer satisfaction is our primary motive and feedback from happy and satisfied customers has been our driving force from the start. Feel free to contact us on our customer support center located in Clermont, Florida. We also have our online support system where you may easily book your appointment according to your needs and convenience. Our customer care executive will revert you back within the time duration of 3 hours.

Note: We DO NOT sell garage door parts. We provide industry leading service and repair work with the highest quality products available in the market. This is also why we provide 30 day labor warranties and LIFETIME warranties on most everything we provide to our customers. We do not recommend that homeowners perform garage door repair work on their own as it can, and has, caused serious injury and death.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Broken Garage Door Spring Repair Clermont, FL

We needed the broken garage door spring fixed. We ordered service on line and it was fixed the next day within 3-4 hours. The service guy was experienced and efficient. Service Provided: Broken Garage Door Spring Repair Product: Springs

- Daniel A.


Garage Door Opener Install Clermont, FL

Service was excellent, appropriate, everything you could ask for. Thank you so much. Service Provided: Garage Door Opener Install Product: Opener

-Carl L.


Garage Door Repair Clermont, FL

Two thumbs up for GDS Garage Door Services. Fast, trained and well-mannered technician. Service Provided: Garage Door Repair Product: Garage Doors

-Stephen R.


Install Garage Doors Clermont, FL

The technician was great. He was polite & explained options for upgrading my garage door. I will always recommend GDS in the future. Service Provided: Install Garage Doors Product: Garage Doors

-Edward A.


Broken Garage Door Spring Repair Clermont, FL

I'm very satisfied. Karls was very dedicated, professional and experienced. Service Provided: Broken Garage Door Spring Repair Product: Springs

-William A.


Garage Door Opener Repair Clermont, FL

Muller was very supportive and courteous during his visits and work. He had great responsiveness to detail and did what he assured. Based upon my communications with him, I like to recommend GDS to others. Service Provided: Garage Door Opener Repair Product: Opener

-Bryan M.


Garage Door Repair Clermont, FL

Technician was perfect! Great customer service! Service Provided: Garage Door Repair Product: Garage Doors

- Daniel S.


Broken Garage Door Spring Repair Clermont, FL

John did a wonderful job, and I was overwhelmed by his professionalism. Service Provided: Broken Garage Door Spring Repair Product: Springs

- Russell L.



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